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2018 Chinese New Year Gala Cultural Performances & Shows

Fashion Show (Performers from ETFashion, CABA, NECINA and NACA)
Left from front: Nancy Li, Yuquan Chen, Ling Guo and Kexin Zhang;
Left from back: Wendy Yang, Stephanie Jin, Cathy Qi Guo, Icy Zhang, Yaxin 

ETFashion's founder, has over 15 years of fashion modeling experience.

Stephanie’s fashion related accolades include Top 10 Model of Shanghai International Model Contest, 1st Runner-up of 2015 ATV Miss Asia Pageant (Boston), Champion of 2010 World EXPO Image Ambassador Contest; her fashion project photos were published full-page by VOGUE Italia; she’s also invited as the judge and model instructor by the 2017 Super Kids Model Contest, and the modeling and etiquette instructor of Harvard University.
Herself has extensive modeling experience for a variety of organizations at numerous prestigious events across both U.S. and China including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci showcase, 2017 New York Fashion Week, 2017 Boston Fashion Week, Shanghai International Fashion Week, International Model Contest, Finale of 2017 Couture Fashion Week, 2017 Kate Spade New York Fashion Show, Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Show, Stella McCartney Fashion Show, Ted Baker Fashion Show, Annual Spring Scene Fashion Show for "The Ellie Fund", Aid for Cancer Research Fashion Show, Jonathan Joseph Peters "Timeless Tuesdays" BOND Fashion Show, G. Kim Fashion Show, Fine China Video Fashion TV Broadcasting, 2017 Boston Bridal Expo Fashion Show, etc. ; photos of her have been published on VOGUE, FaceOn Magazine, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Boston Common, The Boston Bride and many other media and press.  
Besides being a model herself, she is also a talented and experienced fashion show director – she has planned and directed over 50 fashion shows and fashion events both in the US and China with over 10K audience and participants of the events; she’s invited as the fashion show director by Harvard University, Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, John Johnson & Wales University, 2017 NYC X BOS Fashion Show, 2017 In the Mood for Love Fashion Show, 2018 Chinese New Year Banquet, 2018 Professional Enrichment Forum Chinese New Year Gala, 2018 Asian Women for Health Annual Fundraising Fashion Show, etc.​​​

Featured Performers Introduction


Flamenco Boston

Flamenco Boston was founded in 2007 by dancer Lauren O'Donnell. Lauren studied flamenco in Sevilla, Spain. Guitarist Antonio Tiriti studied in Granada, Spain. Singer Ana Maria Villa is from Bogota, Columbia and is a graduate from Berklee College of Music. Flamenco Boston is rooted in the traditions of flamenco yet employ modern harmonizations and executions of the iconic rhythms.
The organization’s mission is to bring more flamenco to the Boston area by providing flamenco dance classes and performances. Flamenco is an eclectic art form originating from the cultural melting pot that was the South of Spain, blending together the influences of the Andalusians, Moors, Sephardic Jews, Indians, and Gypsies. It is often characterized by dynamic and rhythmic footwork, intricate guitar playing, and emotional singing.

Sasha the Fire Gypsy

Sasha the Fire Gypsy is a versatile performer of many disciplines who specializes in fire performance and circus arts. She performs a range of acts from stilt walking, hula hooping, LED light shows, fire shows, sideshow, mermaid, and much more. You can find her online at

Danielle McCarthy

Danielle McCarthy is a professional ballroom dancer and instructor, as well as a pole dance and fitness trainer. A graduate of the University of Georgia with a B.S.Ed. in dance education, Danielle has been classically trained in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and a variety of other disciplines. In her three decades of dancing, she has discovered her two greatest loves in the dance world: ballroom dancing and aerial dance, both of which she began learning in her college years. 
Upon graduating college, Danielle began her full-time professional dance career. She received her ballroom certification through Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing. As a ballroom dance competitor, she has performed all over the United States, ranking as a finalist in many national competitions. Recently, Danielle is very excited to have found a wonderful new partner in Janos Bogre, as they have already received recognition in the Professional Smooth division after only a short time together. 
Due to her experience in the dance and pole industry, Danielle has been honored to be a judge for many competitions, both ballroom and pole related. She loves watching performers of all levels and truly enjoys giving constructive feedback to help them in their journey. 


Guy is a vocalist/entertainer, performing with North Shore Accapella  from 1979-Present. In 2011, Guy was chosen the best soloist at The Harmony Sweepstakes in Boston. Guy has performed with groups such as The Temptations, Frankie Valli, Roberta Flack, Al Jareau, Smoky Robinson and Jay Leno. North Shore A Capella won the national A Capella championship in 1991 and recently appeared on NBC’s Sing-Off, capturing the hearts of America.

Haiyan Lotus Feng 冯海燕

Haiyan is a certified tea master from China, Guzheng musical performer and recording artist (“Sounds of the Lotus”). Haiyan fell in love with Guzheng (one of the most ancient Chinese instruments) at 11 years old. She studied with Guzheng master Anhua Chen (陈安华)and Dacheng Qiu(邱大成). Haiyan has been communicating and expressing her love and art of healing thru Tea Ceremony and the Guzheng performing for decade. 
冯海燕是一位来自北京的高级茶艺师和古筝演奏者。她有幸与南北二派的古筝前辈陈安华先生与邱大成先生先后学习了古筝。并于2012年在美国成功发行了第一张古筝个人专辑(Sounds of the Lotus-Hope Love Joy)。从十年前她开始为企业、市政府、大学、医院及养生中心等做茶道与古筝的表演。她用爱及正能量使自己及有缘之人获得身心灵的和谐与宁静。

Raymond Wang, 王睿萌

Raymond Wang, a college junior and honor student majoring in math at Umass Lowell, he has been regarded as math genius since his childhood. At age 3, he was able to instantly find the relations of (1+x)^2 among a series of random numbers. At age 6, he could tell which day of the week in any given day in a matter of seconds. At age 8, he mastered sine, cosine and tangent while playing with the calculator. He could give fast and accurate answers on natural number higher power operation, three digit and four digit multiplication, high number of the open square, cubic, arithmetic progression, a circulating decimal fraction. Now he is on Dean’s honor list due to his high achievement in college.
In addition to mathematics, he is also talented in music and painting. At age 18 months, he mastered numbered musical notation, at the age of 3 he was able to playing the melody immediately after he listened to a piece of music; Raymond is a talent musician and performer, currently studying voice and piano with Guy Chiapponi, he performed solo at Jordan Hall and other musical halls and won praise. His paintings also have a style of one's own rich colors, fanciful, has done exhibition in Boston, attracted a lot of attention.
However he has obvious obstacles in social and behavioral aspects due to autism, he has received special education, behavioral intervention, social training over years in special schools, and he learned many academic studies by self or home schooling. To help self and others, he co-founded a “lifelong buddy” program for autism ( with his friend Andrew Wilford, aim to help autistic individuals for their further education, employment and marriage via forming matched peer group, he presented in several international autism conference to introduce this program and his own experience, he feels strongly that the autistic people are those with different thinking style and unique talent, rather than a disability as called, they have a lot of unique talent others don’t have, he asks more understanding and acceptance from general population, so that they could reach their potential and their talent can be utilized by our society. Raymond received community service award because of these works and presentations.
王睿萌,麻州州立大学 Lowell 分校数学系 三年级获奖学生, 睿萌自幼即显示数学天赋, 擅长自然数的速算,高次幂运算、级数推演, 3岁可以瞬时看出(1+X)2 的数列关系,6岁自发研究出一种速算日历, 8岁钻研出三角函数, 自然对数等公式,13 岁掌握线性代数及微积分,高中时已修完几门大学的数学及编程课程, 高考 SAT 的 数学成绩几近满分,被 5 所大学的数学系录取。大学成绩优异荣登校长荣誉榜。尤其数论极有天赋,被系主任推荐参加科研。
除了数学,他还极具音乐及绘画天赋。1 岁半就熟知简谱并用简谱颂唱旋律常至深夜, 3岁时 可弹奏键盘或钢琴后乐感更佳且掌握五线谱, 听一音可知音高,听一遍某段旋律即可正确指出调性 就简谱吟唱和用钢琴弹出。痴迷于流行音乐,多次在音乐厅独唱演出深得好评。他的绘画虽起步晚, 却以色彩浓郁,构图奇特,被专家认为别具一格,已在波士顿多处做过画展,深得关注。
然而,他的社交及行为方面存在明显障碍, 4岁诊断为自闭症后一直接受特殊教育, 行为干预和社交训练等,而许多学业功课以自学及私人教学为主。 为了自助和助人,他和好友 Andrew Wilford 共同为自闭症患者建了一个 「终身好朋友」的项目网站,倡导一帮一的互助组帮助自闭症人士 升学就业及交友,他多次在自闭症国际论坛上发言介绍这一项目,强调患有自闭症的人们是那些思维方式与常人不同并怀揣天赋的人们,并非被人们认为的残疾人,他们也有很多常人不具备的才智, 如果更多的人理解他们,发现和发挥他们的潜能与主流社会接轨,他们完全可以对社会做出很大贡献。 他因此得到了社区服务奖。


台湾钢琴公主 刘梦缘

  • 2011年  台湾身障才艺大赛中区钢琴第一名 
  • 2012—2015 年连续四年受邀参加深圳两岸慢飞天使音乐会 
  • 2013年举办“钢琴公主刘梦缘—用音符谱写生命的乐章音乐会 
  • 2013年受邀福建平潭举办音乐会 
  • 2013年年受邀福建福州表演 
  • 2013年受邀四川富顺举办个人音乐会 
  • 2015受邀哈佛(深圳)自闭症国际论坛(演讲嘉宾) 
  • 2015年-2016年连续两年在郑州举办“圆梦中原——小天后个人音乐会” 
  • 2016年受邀厦门两岸才艺秀表演 
  • 中国孤独症网(家长学校)校长 
  • 台湾梦想起飞乐团   副团长 
  • 深圳市慈善会•慢飞天使文教基金会  (形象代言人) 
  • 深圳南山心海特殊儿童康复中心   (形象代言人) 
  • 星星点灯项目   (形象代言人) 
  • 亚斯女孩到大学生,再续星界传奇     
刘梦缘, 1998年6月15日出生于台湾,四岁前没有自发性语言,五、六岁开始仿说,语言及社会认知发展迟缓,情绪不稳定,曾经是个非常火爆的缘小妞。 梦缘3岁时,在不会认谱的情况下,凭借音感、无师自通弹出几十首常听过的曲子。 近年来她的身影多次出现在海峡两岸及国际自闭症研讨会,影响和感动着无数人们。 如今,她蜕变得如此之美,是多家企业及机构代言人,也是守护亚斯天使校园巡回讲师,走近慢飞天使刘梦缘,收获更多的爱与希望。 刘梦缘多次受邀在深圳、杭州、厦门、郑州、四川、福州、等地举办音乐会,在星界传递正能量。 2015年3月28日,刘梦缘在郑州举办主题为“缘梦中原 为爱而行”的“小天后个人音乐会”;2016年3月12日,刘梦缘应邀出席在郑州举办的“河南第二届两岸自闭症康复教育新思维论坛”,并再次举办“台湾钢琴公主刘梦缘圆梦中原慈善音乐会”。 在台湾,刘梦缘荣获不菲荣誉:2011年,刘梦缘荣获台湾才艺大赛钢琴第一名;2013年,刘梦缘荣获台中市身心障碍楷模;2014年,刘梦缘荣获台湾明日之星歌唱大赛亚军;2015年,刘梦缘荣获台中市少年英雄奖—金质奖。 2016年7月高中毕业,刘梦缘考上大学,进入台湾南华大学民族音乐系深造。



李绍平, 生长在曲艺之乡的天津。 自幼喜欢戏曲、曲艺和唱歌等文艺活动并专长于表演脱口秀,快板和相声。多年的积累和努力终于让他站在梦想的舞台上为大家演出。现在各种演出的舞台上都可以看到绍平幽默风趣的表演;他把欢乐带给了大家,也赢得了大家的肯定和赞赏。
Li Shaoping was born and grown up in the city of Tianjin. He has been engaged in literary and folk art, show choir activities since his childhood, and is specialized in performing talk shows, allegro talks and crosstalk. Years of commitment and efforts finally enabled him an opportunity to fulfill his dream standing on the stage to perform for the audience. Now days the audience can see Shao Ping more with his humorous performance on stage; he brought joy to everyone, but also won everyone's acceptance and appreciation.


受母亲影响自幼热爱音乐,16岁学习吉他17岁写第一首歌,擅长吉他弹奏,歌曲创作,风格多样。著有作品《天堂》《青春》《画音》等几十首原创歌曲作品。早年移居美国自2004年开始从事理财服务,注册于LPL financial ,资深理财顾问,秉承主流理财观念,业务娴熟广交各界朋友,并热心参与服侍各种社区活动。
《天堂》是一首原创歌曲,歌词计天颖 谱曲沈聪。 天颖来自加拿大多伦多市,也是一名著名歌词创作人,曾经参与创作热门网络歌曲《妈呀!中国》并在湖南卫视春晚表演过。 这次他特意从多伦多赶来现场与沈聪一起演唱这首歌曲。人间多有不如意,但“天堂就在你心房,每一次心跳,都是爱的释放”。

歌手 胡凡

歌手 胡凡,获得2014年中国中央电视台“我要上春晚”美东赛区冠军,全美总决赛杰出表演;2008年献唱浙江卫视春节联欢晚会,与汤灿、阿宝等歌手同台演出;连续三届在亚美艺术节演出女声独唱。 她毕业于浙江传媒大学音乐表演与音乐剧专业,2007年应邀与华少、朱丹等参与30周年校庆演出;2010年浙江传媒年度晚会出演音乐剧女主角。能歌善舞的胡凡在2009年 “Nike 蜕变”全国高校健美操比赛中还曾获得最佳活力奖。
Fan Hu, is a singer. She graduated from Zhejiang University of Media & Communications, majored in Vocal Performance. She was winner of “Chinese New Year Gala” U.S. Talent Hunt hosted by CCTV on East Coast and won outstanding performance award at final stage throughout U.S. She also performed in Zhejiang TV 2008 Chinese New Year Gala, and solo on Asian American Day. Fan was invited to sing on ZUMC 30th anniversary gala and starred in ZUMC 2010 annual musical. 


Jie Weston 

Jie Weston ,女高音歌唱家,中国音乐家协会会员,中国民族声乐艺术研究会会员,硕士研究生,来美之前任教浙江传媒学院音乐学院。在大学任教的十余年里,教学成果丰硕,培养了大量艺术专业人材。曾在浙江杭州建立了自己的声乐教学工作室,培养了三百余名社会声乐爱好者。2013年选拔为青年骨干教师,作为国内公派的艺术类访问学者出访美国麻州大学音乐舞蹈系,成为美国麻州大学音乐舞蹈系接受的第一位国外访问学者。继在Fine Art Center 开了“潘洁中国民歌独唱音乐会”,取得了巨大的反响。2015年,移居美国。
作为一位新移民,在短短两年时间里,Jie Weston 在麻州做了大量的社会义演。她作为第七届亚美节新闻发布会的唯一演唱者,在state house为15国驻美大使演唱;她代表麻州本地艺术家与国务院侨办委派的访美艺术团一起为亚美节的大型文艺晚会献演。她平时在当地非华人合唱团担任独唱和领唱,比如在Greater Gardner Community Choir 的音乐会上担任清唱剧《哈利路亚》华彩部分的独唱和其他作品的领唱和独唱。目前在Sharon 中文学校教授声乐课。


Bob Gao 高博声

Bob directed and hosted multiple events in New England and Greater New York area. He planned and directed 1st & 2nd “Boston Students Day”; Performed in "hand in hand" TV show hosted by CCTV at Radio City Hall celebrating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and United States,  as well performed at Lincoln Center. Bob was also MC for the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition sponsored by Hanban, 2015 Miss Asia Pageant Boston Division grand final, Asian American Day, etc.



Ada Yang, served as assistant director, MC and stage manager for the 7th and 8th New England Chinese Professionals New Year Gala; director and MC for 2017 OCEAN Annual Gala. She has directed various of events in Greater Boston area. She loves singing and is a warm-hearted person. She has involved in many community service as a Youth Volunteer and director of CYPN, member of OCEAN working team and on behalf of herself . Ada was a journalist in Shandong Providence and guest MC for Yantai Lanzhou TV station. She currently works in Orthodontics industry.




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