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2017 Chinese Professional New Year Gala Evening Programs



Part A

  1. 舞狮,表演者:Youth Effect
  2. 红灯笼,舞蹈,表演者:木兰舞蹈团
  3. 月亮代表我的心,女声独唱,演唱者:Sujinna Kuenghakit (Mariella)
  4. 你不知道的事,男生独唱,演唱者:赵杰熹
  5. 敖包相会+蒙古人,民乐重奏,演奏者:杨飞飞(二胡/vocal),沈嘉琚(琵琶)
  6. 青春舞曲,民乐重奏,演奏者:杨飞飞(二胡/vocal),沈嘉琚 (琵琶)

Part B

  1. 青花瓷 旗袍秀
  2. 节目名称TBD 钢琴独奏 表演者 杜鸿格
  3. I’m 16 going to 17 二重唱 Sujinna Kuenghakit (Mariella) 赵杰熹
  4. 节目名称TBD 舞蹈 表演者 喻灿
  5. 海选节目 独唱
  6. Peace民乐重奏 演奏者 杨飞飞(二胡/vocal) 沈嘉琚 (琵琶)
  7. 交谊舞 舞蹈 (欢迎所有观众参与)

Featured performance: FJ Music

"FJ Music was co-founded by new world music pioneers, erhu virtuoso Feifei Yang and pipa virtuoso Jiaju Shen. For many years, this duo is dedicated to international promotion of Chinese traditional music, to integrate Chinese musical language with diverse world music genres. In 2015, they released modern pipa EP “Black Silk"" and original huqin EP “Dance of the Strings"", presenting the unique modern beauty of Chinese instruments in front of the audience, receiving wide acclaims. In recent years, FJ Music has been invited to perform at the United Nations, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Barclays Center, Metropolitan Museum, New York Fashion Week and many other venues."


Featured Singer:Sujinna Kuenghakit (Mariella)

Sujinna Kuenghakit (Mariella) is a Thai singer/model/actress. She graduated from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music with Magna Cum Laude honor; receiving a performance-based scholarship. Mariella has performed many roles in musical theater and opera in different venues around the world from Italy to Malaysia. She also appeared in commercials and magazines in Thailand. Other than Performing Arts, Mariella speaks five languages proficiently, including Thai, English, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, and French. Currently, she works as a private piano teacher, vocal coach, and diction instructor in Boston. Mariella also enjoys Ballet, Jazz, and Tap dancing, and Marathon running.

Featured solo dancer: 喻灿

青年舞蹈教师喻灿在国内外拥有丰富的教学经验和演出经历。2012年,她受邀前往美国亚利桑那州Mesa college, Dobson High School, Confucius Institute,教授当地学生中国舞。 2013年,获得韩国国际才艺大赛二等奖。同年,她以华人舞蹈家身份受邀参加釜山地区中华民族共和国建国64周年庆典。在国内,她在北京市青少年活动中心及多所学校任职舞蹈教师,并带领学生参加中国舞蹈考级。她曾指导北京市东四十四条小学“鼠你快乐”舞蹈作品荣获北京市第十八届学生艺术节一等奖。2012年,她获得华北五省舞蹈大赛舞蹈创作、舞蹈表演一等奖,并因此受邀参加北京卫视“走进CBD 精彩看朝阳”节目录制。 2016年四月在波士顿音乐家协会主办的“泱泱国风”音乐会中受邀演出。同年10月,被麻州政府和中国驻纽约总领事馆作为青年艺术家在麻州政府邀请演出。现在她在主办和策划海外桃李杯舞蹈大赛。主要教授课程:中国古典舞,民族舞,现代舞,芭蕾

Aizhou Liu (middle), a graduate student of Harvard University, was crowned as the winner of 2016 USA Miss Asia pageant. The theme of 2016 USA Miss Asia is Beauty and Talent Across the World, which is also her pursuit. She hopes to bring a smile to everyone through the stage. She is talented at school, and Harvard studies made her more elegant and graceful. She has been a president of Boston University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (BUCSSA)’s student activity department for three years, designing and implementing large performances and events, and a news anchor of Harvard China Forum, presenting United States and China economic interaction over the forum of two days.

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