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2016 Gala Sponsorship Packages and Benefits


2016 Chinese New Year Gala & Community Enrichment Forum, February 13, 2016 New England Chinese-American Professional Associations

Sponsorship Package and Benefits

This event is a privately organized event. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to decline a sponsorship contribution or donation. For sponsorship information and questions, please contact any of the following volunteers:

Johnny Ip Tel: (617) 631-6901 Email:

Daryl Luk Tel: (617) 688-8668 Email:

Ricky Lam Tel: (781) 325-5522 Email:

Kathy Zhang Tel: (978) 263-4355 Email:

Xiang Yu Tel: (617) 460-6658 Email:

Wendy Ho Tel: (617) 407-9876 Email:

Hongfang Yang Tel: (781) 552-1244 Email:

Jian Shao Tel: (617) 230-5076 Email:

Please make the sponsorship check payable to CABA (write "2016 Chinese New Year Gala" in the memo) and send the check to:

CABA, P.O. Box 426157, Cambridge, MA 02142.






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